Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bribery in Education

A school in Wales is offering a prize to the family of children who have 100% attendance. Apparently this is bad. The local AM, David Millar (Conservative), told a local paper:
"I’m pleased taxpayers are not funding this sort of nonsense. It’s clear in law parents are required to send children to school. Bribery is not the best way to get children to go to school. Getting better grades and better outcomes should be the way forward."
Firstly this is wrong and slightly stupid. In my schools (both primary and secondary and university too) prizes were offered to the pupils who performed best or who tried hardest. I'm pretty sure my experience is not unique. So bribery is rife in schools.

But more importantly, does that mean Mr Millar is going to campaign to get his party to scrap EMA? After all, isn't that a bribe (paid for by the taxpayer) to get children to go to school?

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