Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tom Harris MP - Hypocrite

Tom Harris MP:
RENEWAL of Trident was supported by the 65 per cent of the electorate who voted either Labour or Tory in May.

1) Turnout in the election was 65%. 65% of 65% = 42.25%.

2) Voters could not vote for Tory economic plans and against Trident renewal.

Ah, but you see, that was before the era of The New Politics of democracy, accountability and transparency. Which actually means that in order to keep the minority coalition partner, the LibDems (who won 23 per cent) on board, the Tories have agreed to ignore the views of the 65 per cent who voted for Trident renewal, now kicked into the post-election long grass. This isn’t about the rights and wrongs of nuclear weapons, or the cost of Trident. It’s about democracy, or rather, the lack of such in the era of coalition government.
And if Labour had entered a coalition it too would have compromised on election pledges. Tom Harris MP knows this. He's a hypocrite.

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