Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Evil or Retarded

Michael Tomasky agrees with an assessment by Shankar Vedantam that:
"The right is convinced that the left is evil. The left is convinced that the right is retarded."
I'm not sure what evidence this was based on. From the article it seems to be based on watching Glenn Beck, Fox News, Comedy Central and Bill Maher. But here are some results from Google Fight (highly recommended if you're bored):

"conservative party" evil 34,400
"labour party" evil 35,600
"conservative party" retarded 3,110
"labour party" evil 5,800
Obama evil 3,790,000
Bush evil 3,130,000
Obama retarded 91,100
Bush retarded 87,900

Make of that what you will.

UPDATE: See here how Mr Tomasky manages to disprove himself the next day.

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