Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunny Hundal and Smears

Hopefully the last post on the LFF smearing of Phillips.

Just yesterday Sunny Hundal at Liberal Conspiracy was complaining that Guido Fawkes was smearing Sadiq Khan. Today, though, he happily retweets LFF's smearing of Melanie Phillips.

I guess it can be difficult to spot a smear, especially when there is such supportive evidence such as a link on a blog!


  1. The left can't control or really get a handle on the EDL as they are very apolitical and pretty much a single issue protest group (though it is a pretty big issue) Therefore they, like the MSM have to resort to smears such as racist (patently untrue) fascist (apolitical so no) violent (by far the violence has been at the hands of the extremist UAF and Islamics) but still the smears come. The MSM produce some classics like the attack by the EDL on the Sky van in Leicester, yet witnesses on the ground say it was the UAF that attacked the van, yet no retraction by Sky. (blogged on that today)
    Can't help but think the EDL have hit a raw nerve somewhere with all the people arrayed against them.

  2. @Quiet_Man

    I live in Leicester. I can tell you that the EDL DID chant racist slogans, DID fight with the police and DID try to storm buildings with women and children inside.

    All this is well documented. Virtually the entire population of Leicester from all backgrounds is united against the EDL. The group have admitted defeat by letting it be known they won't be coming back any time soon.