Sunday, 10 October 2010

It's All About the Money

I've heard people claim that Libertarians are obsessed with money and are incapable of measuring things by any other means. If so we're not alone. I give you the Equality and Human Rights Commission:
Trevor Phillips, chairman of the EHRC, said the study revealed that while British attitudes towards issues of race, gender and sexuality are now "light years" ahead of previous generations, the reality on the ground has yet to fully catch up. In consequence, there are deep divisions in Britain's classrooms, different experiences of the criminal justice system and a stubbornly large pay gap between men and women. In full-time work, women are still paid 16.4% less than men, a figure that rises to 55% in the finance sector.
It would seem that for the EHRC the only way to measure someone's worth is by how much they get paid. Hence, if women are not being paid the same as men they are not being considered equal to them. Now who's obsessed with money?

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