Thursday, 7 October 2010

Opposition for Opposition's Sake

Duncan Weldon at Liberal Conspiracy is very concerned. There are rumours that the Chancellor may alter his plans in response to new information. In particular:
Surely the really salient political point here is that Osborne is about to throw a handgrenade right into the middle of Labour’s approach. If he were to slow the pace so that for 2011/12, 2012/13 and potentially 2013/14 he essentially matched the Darling 4 year plan, where would that leave Labour?
Osborne’s dream scenario is one where Labour go into the next election arguing for higher taxation to fund greater welfare payments. This takes him one step closer to achieving it.

We need an agreement on a watertight deficit plan and we need ASAP
Consider the nightmare. You wanted to get elected in order to implement some plan that you thought was best for the country. But now some other guys got elected and they're going to implement that very same plan. Quick! We better think of a different plan that's best for the country.

And politicians wonder why the public is cynical of their motivations.

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