Monday, 11 October 2010

Those Rich Jews

The EHRC published a long report about equality today. Looking through the supporting research revealed the following information (on page 76 of the Employment paper):

Average Pay
Christian 12.94
Buddhist 12.1
Hindu 13.25
Jewish 17.69
Muslim 10.81
Sikh 12.22
No religion 12.79
Christian 10.81
Buddhist 11.72
Hindu 11.43
Jewish 13.93
Muslim 10.04
Sikh 10.08
No religion 11.13

Very interesting. Jewish men are the highest paid and Jewish women earn more than all non-Jewish men. (All averages, obviously). No idea what this means but its certainly worth noting (and no, highlighting interesting stats doesn't make me anti-semitic, and yes the title is sarcastic).

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