Sunday, 10 October 2010

Smearing Melanie Phillips

Further to my post below about the guilty by association attempted by Left Foot Forward. Joss Garman tries to paint Philips as a supporter of the English Defence League. He cites one article and selectively quotes from it. However, the same article states:
As for the ‘far right’, the EDL furiously protests that it has no connections with the BNP and stands against them.
But one or two individuals in the EDL have been associated with the BNP in some form or other. Most tellingly of all, EDL leaders have admitted that it is opposed not only to Islamist extremism but to ‘all devout Muslims’ — a BNP-style pitch.
She also describes the EDL as "extremists". In fact, the entire point of her article, it seems, was to equate the BNP and EDL to Islamists. Hardly defending those groups then.

But no matter because, as Garman points out:
One EDL blog also features a prominent link to Phillips’ website.
So although he tried guilt by association it's actually just a smear job.

Actually, it's worth pointing out that the only "prominent link" I could find on that blog was an entry in their blog roll.

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